Fort Knox Drive-Thru Self Storage

All Tenants have access to our

Mercedes Sprinter Van For Free.

"That's one big ass van," you'll say as we pull up in our massive 500 cubic foot moving van that you just got free access to. And it's true, we don't call it the B.A.V. for nothing. But don't worry, we'll do the driving.

It’s Big

With an interior storage capacity of 500 cubic feet, the B.A.V. can safely transport you and your things in fewer trips. With a sliding side door and a rear tailgate, loading and unloading is a breeze.

It’s Free

No need to rent an expensive Whatchuma-Haul trailer or beg your mom to borrow the old minivan. Our B.A.V. is completely free to our customers for loading or unloading your unit. Seriously.

It’s Quick

Ready to go? Just give us a call. It’s yours as long as no one else has it reserved. We’ll drive you and your things to and from our facility so all you have to do is just load it up and go. Doesn't get any easier.

Call now to reserve the B.A.V.