Fort Knox Drive-Thru Self Storage

Packing & 
Storage Tips

New to this whole drive-thru self storage thing? No worries. Take a quick look at our easy packing and storage tips to make sure your experience is smooth sailing before you even get here.

Nothing Wet or Perishable ????

Trust us, this gets gross. Don't pack or store wet or leaking items or anything containing food, seeds, fertilizer, fuel or perishables.
Wet Package Self Storage Packing Tip

Consolidate The Big Stuff ????

Dismantle large items like bed frames and dining tables to save space (and uh... money). But don't worry, if you need to move something big, be sure to grab our free moving van.
Big Stuff Self Storage Packing Tip


Drain water from appliances before storing and leave doors to refrigerators, freezers, and washers open. You'll thank us later.
Appliance Storage Roanoke VA

Protect all the things! ????

Even though you’re putting things into storage, you’ll still be moving them in and out, so pack them like you care. Wrap fragile or glass items in paper or plastic. Boxes and packing supplies are even available to purchase from our office, so you've really got no excuse.
Protect Self Storage Packing Tip

Wrap Your Furniture ????

Cover furniture or upholstery with sheets, towels or plastic wrap for protection. Mattress and furniture covers and other supplies are available to purchase from our office.
Furniture Storage Roanoke VA

????️ Label, Label, and Label some more!

Label boxes and covered items to help find what you’re looking for later. Consider leaving an inventory list or map in your unit to reference in the future.
Label Self Storage Packing Tip

Weight ???? 

You know what we mean. Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for lighter items to avoid hating yourself at the end of the day. Stack heavier boxes at the bottom with lighter items on top.
Distribute Self Storage Packing Tip

Ease of Access ????

This one's on you. Think about what you may need to access more frequently, and put it in the front of your unit or leave an aisle or empty space in your unit to allow easier access to items you may need. You'll be back before you know it, and your future self will appreciate it.
Access Self Storage Packing Tip

Still have questions? Did we miss something?

We're here for you every step of the way. Give our amazing front office manager a call, and they'll get you taken care of.